What’s interesting in the world of CGI?

News about CGI

Hi everyone. As we know in companies nowadays people work in various positions and in different ways. For example, some work on site (studio, office) and some work remotely. There are different profiles.

New people in the old team – welcome Richard

First of all, we would like to welcome Richard Britton, our new worker. Every now and then there are new messages in the field of computer graphics. There are new entries or articles about 3d graphics. The last few that are very interesting:

  • what is kitbashing 3d – yes, everyone is wondering, and here you have the answer on this topic, and on a related topic, i.e. 3d models,
  • where to buy 3d models – stores with 3d models have appeared more and more recently, but only some of them seem to be worth attention. Unfortunately, stolen models are very common. However, check this article from the link seriously,
  • Richard Britton the cgi artist – works as a freelancer and in a studio. Great video games and breathtaking special effects in the movies – Richard has probably worked on everything by now.

That’s all for today. When there is more interesting information, we will certainly mention it.