Destroyed Building 3D Model in games

Destroyed Building 3D Model

Since the post-apocalyptic theme is one of the most interesting video game themes, destroyed building 3d model are very popular 3d assets.

Models for city scenes are often made with kits for kitbashing.

In the case of city scenes in a post-apocalyptic style, it is difficult due to their structure (read about ruined city projects in CGI industry)

Destroyed Building 3D Model

In the case of the video game industry, this is rare, as the use of ready-made kitbash 3d kits is the primary technique for creating graphics for games. The work on the graphics begins with concept art.

Designers develop the idea of the game’s graphic design and then modelers make the individual elements of the kit. From this kit, 3d models and the entire set are just being created by kitbashing.

One of the few things that can be built with kits can be city street elements for cityscapes.