Complete 3D Scenes of ruined city for professionals

Nice Destroyed City 3d model

Complex 3d scenes for professionals are one of the basic things in the design process.

If you are going to create a 3D scene of a city in a post-apocalyptic style, a lot of work awaits you. These types of scenes have a lot of complex 3D models:

  • very complex models of buildings with modeled demolished walls, ceilings, roofs. This type of construction requires great modeling skills,
  • streets – streets with pavements are the basis of every city scene, but in this case it would be good if they had a bit more details. It’s a good idea to add holes in the asphalt, cracks, broken pavement etc.
  • debris – rubble is of course a necessary thing in such a scenography. If all the architecture is demolished, there must be ruins around it if the whole thing is to look realistic.

Elements such as rubble are difficult to model, which is why they are more and more often made as 3d scans. Some companies, however, still use classic modeling of such elements.

Ready to use 3d assets

If you don’t feel strong enough to create such a complicated, high-quality ruined city 3d model, you can use ready-made solutions. The 3DmKits company currently offers one of the most popular products of this type.

Below is a render of one of these cities. More renderings and of course finished products can be found at 3DmKits 3d models shop.

Nice Destroyed City 3d model

Ruined city 3d model as ready to use asset by 3DmKits shop