Architectural Visualization

In the two previous articles, I touched upon the topic of computer graphics in the video game and film industries. These are the most popular industries in which 3D graphics is indispensable, because most people have contact with video games and movies.

However, there is a specialist industry that deals with three dimensional graphics in itself, but is based on ready-made solutions like no other.

I am talking about architectural visualizations.

In the case of architectural visualizations, what distinguishes it from the two previously mentioned is the fact that it consists in creating graphics. After all, the result of the work are renderings and animations. In addition, average people do not come into contact with these services, they are professional applications.

Professionals, however, cannot do everything themselves, from scratch, especially since in this case there are many repetitive elements that are used over and over in many projects, and are not unique.


Exteriors, or outdoors scenes. The main object of such a visualization is usually a building, sometimes with a designed infrastructure around it.

Architectural visualization render.

Car, trees, grass, small plants – the essential 3d models in exterior scene.

In this type of project, the most commonly used ready made 3D models are:

  • trees and other plants – in each exterior scene there must be trees and plants, usually a lot of them is needed.Creating a high quality 3D model of a tree requires more work than creating the entire architectural scene, i.e. a model of the building and the rest of the architecture according to CAD plans,
  • cars – another necessary prop that adds details to street scenes, just like trees, and these objects are often repeated in the scene,
  • small architecture in the streets – garbage bins, road signs etc.
  • entire street structures – in architectural visualisation sets of models are useful for creating such structures,


In architectural visualizations, apart from exteriors, interiors are also created, i.e. scenes visualizing interiors. In the interiors, the models are not just an accessory, but an important objects in the scene that is part of the overall design.

  • 3d models of furniture – the most popular models that are the basis of every apartment interior. In the 3d models shops models of furniture are the greater part of the offer. They are easy to make, not too complicated and in great demand,
  • models of accessories – small objects such as books, TV, glass add realism to the interior scenes,
  • plant models – just like in the exterior we use plant models in the exterior. Of course, in this case, it is about pot and room models, but they are not inferior to the level of detail in the exterior,

3D Models in interior visualization.

Look how small 3d models in this interior visualization add details.

Bedroom 3d model.